Standard Sunglow. Female. Getting ready for a shower. CREATED BY: Brandon Nixon.

 Below: Amazing 15' Ghost Motley Het Alb.  I was lucky enough to get this lady from Big Mike W.  Not many of these on the block.

This guy below below is mentioned a couple of times on our site.  Striped Hypo Het Alb. "Shown In shed"



HERCULES with a textbook grab. Lipstick DH super.


This guy "Sniper" is a 2008 Male Reticulated Python. Very

friendly, unlike most Retics.

This animal has been adopted and I will probably never find one as 


THIS GUY Below, "SNIPER" IS A 2008 MALE RETICULATED PYTHON. VERY FRIENDLY, UNLIKE WHAT MOST SAY ABOUT RETICS. he was adopted in 2010 when we relocated. look closely and you will see he has a meal and is looking at you.

This next one below, "Spartacus", was my favorite striped glow produced, 2010.  Low contrast but highly aberrant. 

Very nice full body striping.

This next Sunglow was one of our best of 2010. Truly the best contrast, but the pic quality cannot show this accurately.

DOB: 27JUN10 Very nice Striped Sunglow.