Sister Siblings  Created by: Dan G. 

Phoenix: (Left)   Female 2011 reverse striped het'Lipstick' alb.  SOLD!!!

Mystique: (Right)  Female  2011'Lipstick' sunglow. "PROVEN."

George of the Jungle:  Below on the left you will see a 2013 male George line Jungle "PROVEN."  Shown center-top is the original sire of this line. 

ADOPTION FEE: $600 plus shipping. SOLD!!! Thanks Chuck. Stay in touch.

Created by: Chaz S at LK Boas. 

This litter was produced on 01July2017 from George and Mystique. The outcome was 20 amazing babies. No stillborns. Shown on the left are 4 of the best ones.